The long wait is over! Today’s the first day of online schooling for my girls. Of course, I wouldn’t let it pass without the usual photo opps.

Unlike in the past days, I do not limit their bedtime and screentime until last night. They knew that they had to sleep earlier than usual and get up on time as if we are still in the old normal. I’m just surprised that both were up just on time, fixed themselves, had breakfast, and waited for the time. Ishi started at 8am, while Deye at 1:30pm. I am just glad that Deye’s schedule was pushed back, otherwise, she would have to use her phone ‘coz we only have one spare working laptop, and there’s no way I can lend mine ‘coz I also start at 8am.

We had encountered one technical issue though. The built-in camera won’t work when used in Google Meet but it smoothly does with other platforms. No problem, this smart work from home momma thought of a hack haha! I let them logged in both in their phones and laptop. The phones served as the camera, while the laptop served its purpose, too. When I get a chance and can already go to the mall, maybe, that’s the time I will find a webcam that can be connected to the laptop ‘coz I wanna make sure that it will work, otherwise, it’s a waste of money ordering online.

Sure there’d be issues in between i.e. stable Internet connection, miscommunication, lapses, but we have no choice but to keep up with what the new normal dictates us. As I always tell the girls “You will get used to it just like how I adjusted when I was starting with my online job way back 2008. The start is always the hardest but once played and done well, then you are good. Next thing you’ll know, you’re far better than me and what I do.”

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