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Sutla Magic Scrub’s amazing instant results

Do you know that Sutla’s Magic Scrub gives you instant results? Watch this video and see it for yourself! Please click the image.

Rub a small amount of Sutla Magic Scrub gently on the desired part of your body. Rinse or you may just wipe it off. Rinsing is optional. For best results, use Flawless Papaya Soap.

For the last 2 years, I’ve tried different kinds of scrubs hoping to get the same result as above but failed. Try to try until you succeed as some would say, so I did. Until I tried Sutla’s Magic Scrub. In less than a minute, I got an instant result. Please watch the video again.

From now on, I’ll stick to this scrub. A cheaper alternative to the Cure Natural Aqua Gel from Japan worth Php1500 while this one only costs me Php350. And guess what? Flawless Papaya Republic Olongapo is currently giving away a treat.

Scrub + Papaya

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