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    What to Look for in a Face Mask

    It’s easy to categorize most beauty products. You choose your foundation based on your complexion, skin type, and preferred coverage. You choose your makeup remover depending on ease of use and skin type. Even your blush and lipstick shade depends on your skin’s undertone. When it comes to face masks, things are a bit different.

    Everyone can use face masks, but because there are thousands to choose from, deciding on just one is hard. Here’s what you should look for: 

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    Flawless Transition

    The day I submitted my resignation, I’m totally clueless whether I made the right decision in terms of our would-be-affected-finances.

    Indeed, blessings come in disguise! I could now confidently say that it was a flawless transition for me from being a working mom to a SAHM. There is really money from working from home. My resignation has not even taken effect but I was able to replace it with something that could still help me makes the ends meet.

    On Saturday night, I had a chat with my friend, Iris who has already been into distributing/selling Flawless and Sutla products. It was last month actually when I started using the soap and definitely happy with the results. It was not my intention to become whiter but at least refine a 37 year old aging skin. Never it came to my mind to pursue with it as a business, but only for personal use.

    That Saturday night, it was actually a quick decision for both Iris and I. She sent me boxes of items the next day via Victory Liner, picked them up that afternoon, created an FB page that same night and voila! This working mom has instantly became a business woman hahaha!

    In 3 days, I was able to sell the first 250 pcs soaps and other items that Iris has sent me. In fact, I’m expecting more boxes today. No sweat eh? Indeed a flawless transition!!

    If you happen to be within Olongapo/Zambales Area and interested to try and follow my path but under budget, please feel free to contact me 0928 520 1555. Or leave me a message over at Flawless Papaya Republic Olongapo. I have great packages designed for you!