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    Secure your home computers

    Today’s generation evolves in computers. A big chunk of households has computers and gadgets, that some of it are even under the care of our children.

    I have two girls who are very well aware of using computers. My eldest owns a netbook. While both shares an iPad. Before handing it over to them, I made sure that it’s secured. You’ll never know what kids might click and tap, leaving you unaware. So why take chances? Anticipate and make sure that your home computers and gadgets are secured with antivirus softwareESET security is a good example. These software are very easy to use that you can do it yourself without the help of a professional.

    I’m sure you do not want to go over budget just because you need to have your home computer repaired or worst reformatted. Losing files is the worst thing that could happen to your computer. You are lucky if you are able to retrieve them, but what if not?

  • All About WSP

    Securing your computer

    Moms are never idle whether working away from home or not. More likely, our computers have become our tool in doing so. All you need to have these days is a reliable Internet connection and a working computer. Other tools come last. But it should not end there. We should also need to secure our computers and put it in our priority list. You don’t want to end up crying for losing all your important files. I bet the top most important would be the photos of our kids.

    So how do we do that? Of course, we have to know the best resource for computer security. It is so simple that you, yourself, can do it alone without the help of a professional personnel. It is best recommended to use security software like Avira, ESET, Kaspersky and MalwareBytes antivirus software, data backups and child protection programs. Even your home computers definitely need these. So do not ignore, secure your computers!