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    Important Considerations for Raising a Kid Around Modern Technology

    Being a parent can feel a bit tough nowadays with the extra burden of technology looming over your shoulders. A kid can just pick up a tablet and get online, instantly able to interact with numerous people and their creations. And while this can certainly be a great thing when the child has proper mentoring on how to use it all, leaving a young one unattended for too long can have disastrous results. It’s important to know what you should be prepared for, and how to deal with the common issues that you’re going to face.

    Social Media and Online Interactions Your kids will be able to connect to multiple people with great ease, and that’s a fact you’ll have to get used to as early as possible. You won’t be able to stop those communications from occurring, but what you can do is teach your kids about the dangers of sharing too much with people online. We’re raising a generation of kids that see no issue with spreading their real name, address and other data all over the Internet, and this is a ticking time bomb that can lead to some serious problems in the very near future.

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    What parents need to know…

    1. If your child lies to you often, it is because you over-react too harshly to their inappropriate behavior.
    2. If your child is not taught to confide in you about their mistakes, you have lost them.
    3. If your child had poor self-esteem, it is because you advice them more than you encourage them.
    4. If your child does not stand up for themselves, it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public.
    5. If your child takes things that do not belong to them, it is bcoz when you buy them things, you don’t let them chose what they want.
    6. If your child is cowardly, it is bcoz you help them too quickly.
    7. If your child does not respect other people’s feelings, it is bcoz instead of speaking to your child,you order and command them.
    8. If your child is too quick to anger, it is bcoz you give too much attention to misbehavior and you give little attention to good behavior.
    9. If your child is excessively jealous, it is bcoz you only congratulate them when they successfully complete something and not when they improve at something even if they don’t successfully complete it.
    10. If your child intentionally disturbs you, it is bcoz you are not physically affectionate enough.
    11. If your child is openly defiant, it is bcoz you openly threaten to do something but don’t follow through.
    12. If your child is secretive, it is bcoz they don’t trust that you won’t blow things out of proportion.
    13. If your child talks back to you, it is because they watch you do it to others and think its normal behavior.
    14. If your child doesn’t listen to you but listens to others, it is bcoz you are too quick to make decisions.
    15. If your child rebels it is bcoz they know you care more about what others think than what is right.

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    Complete Opposite


    I guess the photo above already justified what I meant by “Complete Opposite“. Deye is 9 years old. Ishi is 5 years old. Both girls but with different personalities. Deye is the shy, prim and proper type. While Ishi is the complete opposite of her sister. As per the study, siblings tend to resemble each other in looks and intelligence but are quite different in personality.

    Academically, both excels. However, you will see eagerness with Ishi. She’s the type of a young learner who knows her responsibilities before anything else. As soon as she gets home from school, she would check on her notes first without the need to remind her. While Deye

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    Kids on gadgets

    I have a house rule that they need to follow. No cartoons and gadgets on weekdays. But when the mom in me strikes, I give in. So yes, I am guilty your honor for medicating my kids with gadgets at times.


    This happens a lot over breakfast. Just because we have this morning rush,