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    Goodwork.ph – Marketplace for Skilled Local Services + Giveaway

    I feel you. It could get exhausting at any time of the day that you have no more energy left to do the rest of the things listed on your planners like house cleaning and laundry. Or too tired to go out for massage service and mani-pedi perhaps? Good thing there is now a marketplace called GoodWork.ph readily available for you my friends and readers residing in Metro Manila.

    GoodWork.ph helps customers hire the best local skilled service professionals, and helps entrepreneurs to find new customers to grow their businesses in 4 simple steps:

    Service categories are:

    Home Services – Keeping a house clean when you have other things to do on the side could be the most exhausting task of the day, especially when you have children around. Cry no more! They have cleaners, plumbers, technicians, carpentry repair, and much more.

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    3 Steps for Turning Your Home into a Comfortable Retreat

    When you think of “home” you probably think something like “warm, relaxing place” or” the place where I can walk around without wearing pants.”

      Image via Pixabay

    Ideally, our homes are supposed to be something like comfortable retreats, where we can get away from the stresses and irritations of everyday life, and really let our hair down, recover, and feel our best.

    Our homes are also the environments where we typically interact with some of the people nearest and dearest to us in our lives. This includes our relatives and our partners.

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    Common Things You Don’t Actually Need In Your House

    What is the exciting thing that comes after buying your own house? Yep, it’s shopping! It’s now time to fill in your house with items that will officially brand it as your home. But, don’t get too carried away with the shopping. You wouldn’t want your freshly bought townhouse filled with random items, right? If you’re confused as to what NOT to buy, worry no more! We present to you these items that you may want to ask yourself, “Do I really need these?”

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    Special surface cleaning agent Is it necessary to use 5 different cleaning agents just to make the kitchen squeaky clean? Even just one should be enough. You can even be creative and use natural ingredients in your pantry like lemon and vinegar to clean and sanitize.

    Special knife set Sure, it’s nice to pattern your kitchen from those cooking shows with a professional chef. But, do you need 20 knives in your kitchen? For items like these, quality should be considered over quantity. The idea is to only have several various pieces that will last for years. 

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    How to Create a No-Fuss Garden

    Image Credit: Flickr

    If you are the kind of person who just has to glance at a cactus for it to inexplicable wilt and die, then you are probably looking at your garden with some sense of trepidation. How is it that plants seem able to grow anywhere as long as they are nowhere near you?

    Well, green-fingered or not, gardening doesn’t have to be such a disaster and there are ways that you can create a stunning garden without scaring off any of the plants. All you need a few simple tricks up your sleeve and you’re away.