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    Captain Shield: A New Cement Waterproofing for Long-Term Protection

    If you see water stains that extend across your ceilings or drops down the walls, then it is probably a leaky roof, which is normally present and seen in old houses. In the Philippines, we only have two seasons, Summer and Rainy Seasons, and none of these is my favorite. I hate it when it gets too hot, and all the more irritates me to see water stains run across the walls during rainy seasons. The worst part is that we are all girls at home so no one can actually do this dirty job for us unless I call and pay an expert to do it.

    But did you know that Davco has launched their brand-new product line for cement waterproofing, Captain Shield, which is intended to deliver long-term protection with more lasting structures?

    Captain Shield is a product of Davco, which was recently acquired by the Swiss company Sika, equipped with “WaterGuard” technology creating a protective layer that blocks water and prevents the sulfate-chloride attack.

    Having a “WaterGuard” Technology shows three main benefits including the lessening of water absorption; preventing steel bar corrosion, and reducing chances of concrete porosity. The product is also easy to use and economical, has no effect on concrete strength and setting time, and it’s compatible with all types of cement. Just perfect for the girls’ bedroom walls that we’ve recently repainted. We are seeing water stains in some corners of the rooms, which made the paint bubbled. 

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    The Girls’ Bedroom, Improved

    Since we moved into this house 5 years ago, the girls have been co-sleeping with me for two reasons, maybe: A. They weren’t ready yet to sleep in their room on their own. B. The space is too small for them that they feel suffocated. I am guessing it was B ‘coz the moment we have renovated and improved their bedroom, they were so ready to sleep in there with no fuss and excuses.

    As you enter the room, you will see a study desk on your left. They have specially requested this area mainly for that purpose and to have a corner where they can actually do their videos. I have yet to improve the background to make it more appropriate to what they usually film. This table used to be my working table, had it repainted in white, and I matched it with a shelf which is also a repurposed cabinet from their old room.  Old cabinet photo here

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    5 Great Additions to Your Baby’s Bedroom

    Designing your baby’s bedroom can be a fun project to tackle over the course of a weekend, but oftentimes we forget the little things that add nice touches to space, and more often than not, we wind up adding more stuff as the baby grows. However, wouldn’t it be nice to get at least most of the cool components out of the way instead of gradually improving the room over time? If you’re at a loss for inspiration and are looking for ideas that will spice up your baby’s bedroom, consider the following five tips first.

    1. SleepSack A sleep sack is an excellent baby blanket alternative because it stays wrapped around your baby in a safer manner than a loose blanket. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that your little one won’t wind up rolling out of their blanket and being exposed to colder temps as a result. They’re also easy to take on and put off and they can be worn outside the bedroom for an easy transition into bedtime from other areas of the house. 

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    Common Things You Don’t Actually Need In Your House

    What is the exciting thing that comes after buying your own house? Yep, it’s shopping! It’s now time to fill in your house with items that will officially brand it as your home. But, don’t get too carried away with the shopping. You wouldn’t want your freshly bought townhouse filled with random items, right? If you’re confused as to what NOT to buy, worry no more! We present to you these items that you may want to ask yourself, “Do I really need these?”

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    Special surface cleaning agent Is it necessary to use 5 different cleaning agents just to make the kitchen squeaky clean? Even just one should be enough. You can even be creative and use natural ingredients in your pantry like lemon and vinegar to clean and sanitize.

    Special knife set Sure, it’s nice to pattern your kitchen from those cooking shows with a professional chef. But, do you need 20 knives in your kitchen? For items like these, quality should be considered over quantity. The idea is to only have several various pieces that will last for years.