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    Managing A Virtual Team

    Managing a virtual team is understandably and expectedly more challenging for some undeniable reasons. No direct supervision, you don’t see what they do during working hours, different locations, and worst, the personal issues they have, could also affect their current mood, and job performance.

    Here are some friendly tips that I have tried, and still works well so far:

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    Why I Always Go For A Long-term Home-based Online Job?

    Once you decided to work from home, you have a choice. You can make a choice, whether to go on 3 different terms: freelance, part-time, or full-time. 

    Freelance by definition is someone who works for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company. In the case of a home-based online job, it’s mostly a project-based job which could last up to 3 months or more, or could also be a repeat project. Of course, you are your own boss here. You can work flexibly at any time for as long as you complete the project at the given time.

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    Why working from home is the best decision I made this year?

    Do you believe that many of the best decisions in life are unplanned? I do. To name a few, here they are:

    -3 years ago, I left the corporate job I loved and enjoyed for more than 4 years. It took me to different places and countries. Had the chance to meet highly respected people. Of course, I feared letting go of the job that gave me great opportunities over the years, but it somehow gave me the time to focus on one more important thing, and that was…

    -Finding and buying a new home that we can call our own. I had a heavy heart leaving my hometown of more than 3 decades but when my husband gave me the go signal, that was it! We became Subic residents in no time. 

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    Finally found an efficient working laptop/bed table

    I have been on a continuous search for a reliable and an efficient working table but always failed. It took me a while to finally found the most efficient one. I bought a laptop table years ago with a built-in cooling fan but I found it too small for the laptop that I currently use. Then I found this white tablemate online as an option. Tablemate is physically nice to look at but functions less. Its legs are too shaky and keeps on moving when I type something.

    Just last month, I chanced upon this wooden laptop bed table via Lazada and took the risk of buying it. You know sometimes, photos online can be deceiving that could get you disappointed once you received them. I’m glad I went ahead on this one. It cost me Php800 + Php99 Shipping Fee, and it’s cash on delivery. Not bad eh?

    What I love about this table is that there’s an enough room for a mousepad/mouse. I just can’t work effectively and quickly without these two.