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    Managing A Virtual Team

    Managing a virtual team is understandably and expectedly more challenging for some undeniable reasons. No direct supervision, you don’t see what they do during working hours, different locations, and worst, the personal issues they have, could also affect their current mood, and job performance.

    Here are some friendly tips that I have tried, and still works well so far:

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    Why I Chose To Work From Home

    Having given the trust to manage and head the PH Team motivates me enough to do better and better. Being recognized and appreciated all the time is a great feeling. Whenever I look back to the times when I used to commute back and forth to get to the office on time, I just smile and tell myself “Good thing I readily ditched my office-based job when I felt the need to, otherwise, I would still be one of those who whines every day how traffic affects their daily commute experiences, especially during the rainy season.”


    If you work with a flexible schedule, it’s vital to arrange your day painstakingly. Ask yourself how long do you plan to function that day?

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    Why I Always Go For A Long-term Home-based Online Job?

    Once you decided to work from home, you have a choice. You can make a choice, whether to go on 3 different terms: freelance, part-time, or full-time. 

    Freelance by definition is someone who works for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company. In the case of a home-based online job, it’s mostly a project-based job which could last up to 3 months or more, or could also be a repeat project. Of course, you are your own boss here. You can work flexibly at any time for as long as you complete the project at the given time.

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    Ways to Avoid Work-at-Home Blues

    Sure there are perks when you work from home but if you are not being careful, work-at-home blues can be developed drastically. It’s like working in your pajamas or in your most comfortable clothes but the environment around you does not help at all. Remember, it is not always greener on the other side. If you are privileged to work from home with a decent pay, work your best way to break free from stress, which in the first place was your goal – to have a stress-free work environment.

    Get dressed. Yes, you have the option to work in your pajamas, but at times getting ready as if you still work in the outside world may perk your mood. Simply get up, have a cup of coffee, shower and get dressed before having yourself stuck in front of your computer.

    Stay beautiful and presentable. Put your make-up on once in a while. Working from home should not stop you from doing your usual beauty regimen/routine. It actually gives you all the time in the world to apply your favorite facial cream, get your hair treated, put the most trending Korean facial mask, remove blackheads, and still able to do your work. If you are comfortable with just wearing your house clothes, it’s also okay but at least wear the best ones once in a while.