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    Break Down Your 2020 Goals with a Specially Made Viviamo Planner

    A new year often marks a new beginning—and with it, a promise of hope, joy, and excitement. Goals are set and calendars are marked, whether it’s getting into shape, setting up a new business, or creating a travel destination bucket list.

    It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with the reality of your decision. It isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Where do you start to make your dreams for the year come to pass? How do you ensure that you get to follow through on your commitments to yourself? How do you get rid of being overwhelmed and stuck, fixing your eyes on the prize? This October, Viviamo!, Inc., maker of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, is set to release a new line of products for their 2020 collection. Each planner is designed to fit different lifestyles and needs while helping its users achieve their goals for the year ahead.

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    Make-up Storage/Organizer

    It’s such a beauty seeing your stuff organized and in place. Well, I’ve always been organized with my make-ups but I used to keep them in pouches, and in a remote control organizer that I purchased from Japan Homes. They’re nice to look at but when it’s time to use them, it’s a struggle to find one as I need to dig carefully.

    Got lucky when I learned that my cousin, Mauilyn, sells this organizer online. Just perfect! No need to pay for the shipping fee! But got luckier when my brother ordered and paid these for me. (Been meaning to buy at least one but I always think it’s not a priority and besides they survived in pouches for years now haha!). He actually preferred the bigger round organizer but I insisted on getting the one with drawers, and buy two instead since the bigger one pretty much costs the same if I get two square ones. I’m such a wise buyer eh? 

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    Ways on how to organize your accessories and personal stuff

    Getting organized can be frustrating when you can’t find the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Here are clever ideas which I did for myself:

    I love silver bracelets, bangles and chunky accessories. It was only 3 years ago when I stopped panic buying. I don’t find it practical anymore since I just stay at home most of the time. But before that happened, I managed to have a holder custom-made for only Php450, from The 24 Hour Mommy, a fellow mommy blogger. If I am not mistaken, this has been with me for more than 3 years now.


    It is a 3-layer round wooden bar, painted in glossy black. It lets me store more than 30 bangles, depending on the sizes.

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    A more reliable customized shoe rack

    Image 1 – How it looks like when the door is closed | Image 2 – Empty  | Image 3 – Filled and organized with shoes, and school bags heehee!

    It’s not that we are shoe lovers but just imagine 2 girls and a lady who own more than 5-10 pairs each, it could be a nightmare arranging and organizing them daily.

    I’ve had 2 sets of the Amazing Shoe Rack, but gave up on us after a few months (The picture below still shows a set of the Amazing Shoe Rack left after the first one collapsed, but this one also gave up just weeks ago). So I had to find another way to get our shoes in order – DIY Shoebox Organizer! Pleasant to look at but it could be irritating when you are in a hurry.