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    Buttered Chicken with Homemade KFC-style Gravy

    Just another recipe that my kids love!


    For the chicken:
    1 kg. Chicken Breast Fillet (Cut into bite size pieces like chicken nuggets. You may choose other parts of the chicken if you wish to)
    Half-bar Buttermilk (melted)
    1 whole Garlic (chopped)
    6 pcs Calamansi Extract
    Salt & Pepper to taste
    Chopped Kuchay or Parsley for garnishing
    Vegetable Oil for deep frying

    1 piece Egg (beaten)
    All Purpose Flour

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    Quick n’ Easy Banana Muffin with Maya

    When I get a chance (that happens almost everyday anyway), I prepare something for my girls and make sure that before the clock strikes at 4pm, everything is ready! Today, I made muffins without getting messy in the kitchen. Less ingredients, happier mommy!


    The other day, my youngest, Ishi requested for pancakes. Since we have it available in the cupboard, I gave in. As I was taking out the half pack (250gms) from the box, I read that you can also make muffins out of it, so I kept the half pack aside reserved for muffins.