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    Take It From The Top: Get More From Your Roof

    When it comes to home improvement, even when it’s not entirely aesthetic, most people tend to order their priorities by which problems and which fixes are most visible. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. But ignoring the roof and attic of the home could have you missing potentials for some of the best overall improvements you could make to the home. It could not only add value but it could make your home a safer and healthier place to live. Ignoring it could reverse that.


    Security One of the essentials of the roof of your home is that you ensure it isn’t a danger to you and your family. However, if there are any leaks, any cracked or missing tiles, that’s exactly what it can be. With exposure to rain and the wind, it can easily be the greatest source of damp and mold in the whole home. Every season, it’s a good idea to get your roof inspected if you can’t safely climb yourself. If you can, you can repair a cracked or missing tile with a bit of DIY, but otherwise, it’s best to rely on professionals.