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    Important Considerations for Raising a Kid Around Modern Technology

    Being a parent can feel a bit tough nowadays with the extra burden of technology looming over your shoulders. A kid can just pick up a tablet and get online, instantly able to interact with numerous people and their creations. And while this can certainly be a great thing when the child has proper mentoring on how to use it all, leaving a young one unattended for too long can have disastrous results. It’s important to know what you should be prepared for, and how to deal with the common issues that you’re going to face.

    Social Media and Online Interactions Your kids will be able to connect to multiple people with great ease, and that’s a fact you’ll have to get used to as early as possible. You won’t be able to stop those communications from occurring, but what you can do is teach your kids about the dangers of sharing too much with people online. We’re raising a generation of kids that see no issue with spreading their real name, address and other data all over the Internet, and this is a ticking time bomb that can lead to some serious problems in the very near future.

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    Youth and Social Media

    imagesI am a mother of two girls, 9 and 5, and these viral sex scandals of minors really bother and affected me. I didn’t know exactly what to feel if I’d feel sorry for the parents for not being able to guide their children well, or these children who have dragged themselves into these kind of issues, unknowingly or unintended it may be, still they are minors and could’ve been extra careful not to be blackmailed or brainwashed by elders, which I am sure were responsible in spreading the video clips.

    Just this year, I allowed and permitted my 9 y/o to have an access to some social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube with the conditions that:

    1. Usage of gadgets are only allowed on weekends. I have been practicing this house rule eversince. To add to that, even TV is not allowed though at times, I give in provided they are done with their homeworks. On Friday nights, I give them their gadgets and collect them back on Sunday nights before bedtime. When the monster mom strikes in me, I leave the gadgets reachable but without the chargers. That happens when they violate my rules, to teach them lessons.

    2. My 9 y/o is not aware of what email address was linked to her FB, and that includes the password. The email used and provided for her FB account is redirected to my personal email address, that also gets notified each time messages come in, plus linked to my mobile number in case someone else tries to get an access to it. That way, even if the messages in her FB are deleted intentionally so that I won’t see, copies are saved in my email. In some cases, when the children are aware that their parents check on their activities, they become more vigilant and alert in deleting evidences. Yes, I am one freaking paranoid mom if you say so haha! 

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    On social media and parental responsibilities

    Last week, while we were having our late lunch outside, my friend and high school classmate sent me photos via FB private message. To my surprise, those were the graphic photos that I made from scratch for Loomies by Mitch. Below were the screenshots that I took for comparison. Left photos are mine, while the ones on the right were the ones that were edited by a certain Loomies by Geoff. You see, just by the name, it was so obvious that it was copied from me.



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    #ThrowbackThursday brings back memories

    #ThrowbackThursday – When you put a picture from a “while” ago on your social media sites.

    If you’re on social media sites, you know very well what I am talking about. I, myself, is having fun joining social media sites’ activities but you know what’s really getting me to enjoy? It just brings me back memories…. good memories.

    That reminds me to start with my long overdue project. I badly need to scan old photos. From baby photos down to my 18th birthday celebration where my mom almost hired dj mixers to put life to the party.

    Anyway, this is my TBT’s share for the week: