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    Managing A Virtual Team

    Managing a virtual team is understandably and expectedly more challenging for some undeniable reasons. No direct supervision, you don’t see what they do during working hours, different locations, and worst, the personal issues they have, could also affect their current mood, and job performance.

    Here are some friendly tips that I have tried, and still works well so far:

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    On becoming a more productive VA

    I am completing my first month at work next week, that’s 9th of February to be exact. Despite being swamped with marketing campaigns and other related tasks at times, and the fact that I  am still getting myself more familiarized with all the tools and processes, I didn’t feel any pressure, at all. I can call it “time-management” but I want to believe that it’s also the positive attitude as a team that we all got.

    It does make a lot of difference when you can work at peace, with no pressure, and demanding bosses. The fact that I work from home makes everything easier for me, especially now that my Internet has been upgraded and the best part about it was they are paying for the monthly add-on payment. Such a big help! I have no more reason to whine just because I couldn’t get some things done smoothly due to slow connection. In fact, I can watch video clips and tutorials and movies on YouTube with no buffering. I can now complete my tasks way faster than the usual because of this. The upgrade has really been a great help!

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    A better opportunity

    Use everyday as an opportunity to make tomorrow even better.

    It was just a month ago when I posted about the job I got and that pays very well. Well, unfortunately, that didn’t work out. Two weeks after joining them, they terminated me just because I made minor mistakes, which I think is normal because I was still under training. Anyway, I didn’t give up, and that didn’t demotivate me either. Maybe their set standards was just too high to give justice to the salary they offer. That’s pretty much understood. So I thought, let me just enjoy the holidays with the family and decide later on.

    So right after the New Year, I religiously looked for jobs that suit me and luckily, I got hired again a week later. Just in time, I was able to attend the planned meet/greet and brainstorming with the UK team that happened two days ago. After the whole day activity, we all checked in, in a hotel, had dinner and personal conversations. That also reminded me that in every door that closes, a better opportunity comes in. Indeed, it is. The moment I sat with the whole team, I knew I made the right decision to wait and look at a better offer. When I say better offer,

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    Employed finally, and it’s home-based!

    Indeed, good things come to those who wait. After almost two months of trying to get the perfect job for me, with about 10+ job applications, I am employed finally and it’s home-based!!

    I only asked for a part-time job with a fair rate but I was given a full-time position that pays quite decent. The best part is I can work on flexible 4 hours, and another 4 hours US time, with my pajamas still on.

    Going back to my job hunt journey two months ago, I’ve almost lost my confidence. In fact, I was demotivated. I told my husband about my frustrations of not getting hired. You know the feeling of being rejected more than 10 times despite your work experiences? I almost gave up!

    Then, finally the Recruitment Specialist of Virtual Staff Finder Careers, Ma’am Meriam, whom I have been dealing with for the past two months popped up on Skype one morning and asked me if I still want to try for another job opening, as it fits my qualifications. At the back of my mind, here we go again. But I said okay, I can try. Then, we did the usual process. She sent me the details and had my initial interview and told me that she’d get back to me once a schedule for my final interview has been made. It took a week before it happened. I thought it was just one of those many rejections in the past couple of months, until….