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    How To Make The Remote Team Better?

    The number of people who work from home over the past years has drastically increased. Managing an FB Group for home-based aspirants and workers has proved me that many people are really up for it. Recruiters post job requirements daily while a good number of members show interests in trying and getting hired. So imagine the number of teams that are built daily to be able to meet today’s digital requirements, how do you think they do to make the remote team better?

    In our team, we work on trust. No time tracker. As long as you do your job and produce quality outputs, you are good.

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    5 Ways To Boost The Productivity Of Your Virtual Teams

    Virtual teams are all the rage these days. Remote working employees offer a revolutionary set of benefits for their employers. For instance, the cost of having an employee at an office is completely eliminated. Moreover, by hiring employees in different parts of the World, employers are cutting down on taxes and labour costs.

    On the other hand, even virtual employees enjoy non-existent commutes, working in their comfort zones, and a better work-life balance. A number of studies show how this concept of telecommuting is rapidly gaining traction