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Tagalog DEYEctionary Updates

It’s been over a month since we came here in the Philippines. And within that short period, Deye has learned a lot of Tagalog words already:

  1. Salamat
  2. Wala na
  3. Ay alaglag!
  4. Ayaw
  5. Bakit?
  6. Opo (she says this without fail every time she’s asked a question answerable by yes)
  7. Galit ka? (that sometimes followed by the same question in English “you angy?”) It’s funny when she could say “galit ka” straight but couldn’t say “angry” correctly.

Tagalog songs that she sings:

  1. Hawak kamay, di kita iiwan sa pagkakbay…
  2. Seyaw dayeng…
  3. Boom tayayat tayayat bububoooom!
  4. Tururut! Tururut! (Papaya song and performs the dance as well)

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t allow me capture or at least record the above mentioned…

Mitch Carvalho


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