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Tangerine Tango Shirts & Corporate Giveaways

Our 3rd Distributors’ Annual Conference will be held on the 2nd week of April this year. Along with the Sales & Marketing Team, we have already discussed what could happen during this event. A programme is yet to be finalized though.

Tangerine Tango

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Yesterday, Gayle & I did an ocular visit to hotels in SBMA with conference rooms that are perfect for our participants. Apart from that, we have already talked about the possible giveaways including the shirts that are to be worn and distributed to our Distributors. Since Tangerine Tango is the Color of the Year 2012, we are considering of using this color to be visible during these few days of the Conference.

I realized, Tangerine Tango is not too bright and bad at all. In fact, it’ll mix well and make a good combination with our color, which is green.

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