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Teaching An Old Dog A New Trick

Four years ago, an acquaintance (Korean) approached me “Michelle, can you teach my friend English? I said “Huh? Me? I’m not a teacher by profession. I don’t think I can do that, my patience is very low”. He insisted “Please, he is coming next week. We will pay you, tell me how much. Please….” I thought why not. An extra income sounds good and I’m free after office hours anyway. We had a deal, but since he is my friend, I did not give any figures. I said it’s up to them!

He came the following week. He is actually a Technical Manager of LG Company in Korea and relocated here for a couple of months to do some demo. He looks okay but not when he starts talking. Oh my God! I hardly understood a word. Especially anything with letter “R”.

I started by researching on internet. I printed some of the abc’s and few English words that are commonly used. I first taught him the abc’s like how you teach a pre-schooler. A as in Apple. B as in Boy. Things like that. It took us a couple of days to finish the whole alphabet and had a hard time teaching him how to pronounce “L”. Then, followed by “greeting people in English” i.e. Hi. Hello. How are you? Good morning! In short, he didn’t know any English words at all.

After a couple of weeks, I lost my patience. Every time I’d say let’s start our lessons, he would tell me to wait for a while as he is not done yet with his reports. And whenever we review our previous lessons, he would act up and say he’s bored. Let’s have a break. Blah blah blah!

I gave up and told my friend, I’m quitting! I could not tolerate his attitude. I’ve wasted a lot of time already. I don’t mind if he pays attention but unfortunately, he doesn’t. After that, he didn’t even bother to call me to say thanks for the little things that he learned. I’m sure he did! And btw, it was his friend who paid for the tutorial. He left the country just like that!

Then, I thought of this famous line “you can never teach an old dog a new trick”. Somehow it’s true unless you show some interest of doing so….

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  • raqgold

    kaya naman mas ok talaga to start with small kids, like i am doing now — baka if you sing head and shoulders with that man, e mas naging successful yung tutorial nyo, hehe.


  • julie

    I don’t think its the new trick that has a problem. It’s the old dog himself. These K are “sakit sa ulo” in some ways. Not that I am being a racist. Here in the Philippines, they are popping up everywhere, seems like faster than mushrooms grow in different places. There are K ktv, churches, schools, restaurants, communities, etc. They act as if they are more worthy to be here than us Filipinos. In other words, ma_____ sila. Maybe not all but…Better ask the opinion of others, I’m sure they have something to share..Mahirap na lang magsalita kasi.


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