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Teaching house chores early

Growing up with a nanny or househelp around is not actually helpful. At times, kids tend to be too dependent on them. And we are in that situation, because we need one to be with them so that I could go to work without bothering my parents all the time. That way, I also do not have to work overtime at home finishing all the house chores.

But this does not mean that I do not do anything anymore. I cook for them everyday and make sure that when I get home, I take charge of the kids. I admit, it was too late before I gotten used to doing house chores. I was too dependent on my maternal grandmother and cousins who have lived with us and played assistants to me till I went to College. That was the only time I washed my clothes, fried eggs to survive a meal and boiled water for my instant noodles. Not enough to survive fully!

I was lucky that I married a domesticated husband who was never ashamed of washing our dishes and clothes. He was never tired scrubbing our tiles and even filled my duties as a  mom in between when we were still together abroad. What if I married a typical husband who wants to be pampered like a child and spoon-fed like a baby?

This is why as early as now, I am teaching my eldest to do the things that she already can like making the beds as soon as she gets up in the morning. There are tantrums in between but it’s okay, as long as she learns, no problem. This morning, without being told, she volunteered to make Ishi’s bed.

Ishi's bed

I helped her a bit by telling her where to keep the stuffed dolls. I’d say, we both did well haha! I guess, I need more time to get serious with regards to exposing her to house chores, otherwise she’d end up being like me.

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