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Terrible Five?

For the past weeks, I have been having a hard time dealing with my 5 year old. She would not just get up in the morning until I stress on my voice telling her to get up quickly as it is running late. She would not listen to a word I say until I finished counting 1-5. She would insist watching cartoons even if her time was up. Of course, I’d be firm with my house rules and don’t give in that sometimes ends me up scolding her.

This evening, she just tried my patience again.

  1. First offense. I called her thrice already for dinner but she was still glued on TV.
  2. Second offense. She grabbed the DSi from her baby sister.
  3. Third offense. She grabbed the DSi from me. I always tell her not to do that, just ask nicely.
  4. Fourth offense that really drove me mad was when I was talking to her calmly but she would not just say a word and won’t even look at me.

And when it takes me to the highest boiling point, I don’t spare the rod. Right after she finished with her homework, I sent her to the bedroom. Then, I had a short talk with the nanny and she told me “Kinausap ko sya kanina pagdating nya galing school, di mo ba kako love si Mama mo? Lagi mong ginagalit, tapos di ka sumusunod sa sinasabi nya sayo?”

Deye replied it seems. “Love ko”.

“O eh bakit mo ginagalit si Mama mo?”

“Eh kasi nga love ko si Mama. Mama said kasi pag daw pinapagalitan, love”, Deye explained.

Awwww! Should I try a different approach? I just hope this will pass. I just hope this is just somewhat like a terrible two stage for her. *sigh*

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