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If I am to list down the things that I am thankful and grateful for, I could go on and on without you seeing a full stop here. But at times, we need to contemplate and see if we were luckier than the past, therefore, I am going to list down some.

  • In year 2009, I was employed as a Corporate Assistant to the Company where I am still working at right now. Reason for leaving? I chose my sensitive pregnancy over my career to make sure we will be both safe till I give birth. Last year, I was again called in to work for them but given a better opportunity, a much higher pay and assignments which I never thought I’d enjoy big time. From Corporate Assistant to Assistant Marketing Manager is indeed a big break for me. Not to mention the travels I make once in a while, in fact I’m off to Bangkok with the team in March. What else could I ask for?
  • I believe in a saying that when you lose something, you’d gain more. Leaving my job didn’t cost me less, sure thing I lost thousands but in return was given the 2nd most precious and priceless gift a mother like me could ask for, and that would be my bunso, Erchelle. Without her, our house would be a quiet place whenever Ate Deye, my eldest is gone to school. The corner of our house won’t be seen with lots of rattles and toys. Our bedroom would be just plain as how it had been with a queen size bed, but since our 2nd bundle of joy is around, our bedroom is added with an extra cot and closet. Her laughters and cries sound music to our ears. Her coos and screams give life to our house.
  • In March 2010, Ate Deye had her first school commencement. Call me grade conscious but I tried our luck but letting her take an assessment test for K2. From Nursery level, she didn’t have to go through K1. She jumped to K2 and I am glad she managed until today. By June at the age of 5, she’d be in the first grade. Yes, I am thankful for giving a daughter who is smart and able to cope as much as she could, and I’d be hypocrite if I’d say I did not thank for saving it us from paying the “supposed to be tuition fee for that year”.

As I’ve said, I could go on and on but there’s one more thing that I’d be thankful and grateful for forever. I have a family that brightens up my day no matter how much struggles I have to go through, I still have a reason to smile at the end of each day. Oooops! I almost  forgot the main reason why I am blogging this about, Pinay Mommy Online made me write these things.

1. Write a blog post telling about the things that you are thankful for from last year, right now or anything as long as you are thankful for it.

Mommy R as I fondly call her is celebrating her PMO blog’s 3rd year anniversary. Here are the mechanics of the contest:

Required Entry: 5 Points
1. Write a blog post telling about the things that you are thankful for from last year, right now or anything as long as you are thankful for it.
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3. Submit your blog post entry HERE.

Optional Entries:
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