Thanks Arlene!

Another package that made my day my little one’s day! Actually, Arlene hinted already that somebody I don’t know would come knocking at my door, but I guess I just didn’t take it seriously coz I was busy grabbing opps when I read that message in our forum.



Look how happy she was upon seeing the books!


There she started scanning the books… By the way sis, it’s my first time to try durian. Will grab a piece later, for now peanuts muna hehe!


Believe me, she won’t leave these things. She was carrying them around the house even up to the kitchen teehee!

Glad to hear your voice over the phone! Thanks a lot talaga!


Will do my bloghopping later after I finished my assignment about Orlando golf.

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  1. hahahaha natawa ako sa bag! lalagyan ko yan ng package kaso when i reached the DHL office wlang plastic na makasya buong bag so i have to remove the stuff and folded the bag. pasensya ka deye, those books were purchased noong bday nya at ngayon ko lang napadala.

    hope u like the peanuts. as ive said, dun sa note “pasensya na” yon lang. cg lang if manalo ako ng malaki durian fruit e package ko dyan. aihehehe. joke lang sis. but am so happy to see i made Deye smile today and ikaw na rin.

    It’s nice to hear ur voice over the phone. i know it was u kasi nakita ko na number mo dun sa text message. ang cute ni deye, can speak the words so clearly na.

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  2. I love the bag, alam mo naman ako Hello Kitty lover!

    Tinabi ko yung peanuts baka ubusan nila ako hehe! Naku sis ano ka ba, oks lang yun no? Kay Dimple isang beses pa lang ako nakapagpadala haha!

    Ganda pala boses mo sa fone eh. Parang ako LOL! Yeah, she speaks clearly na talaga….

    Salamat ulit sis!


  3. ang sweet naman ni Arlene! at si Deye, naku mukhang happying happy sa gifts sa kanya.

    at naku ha, parang ang sarap nyang spicy and hot peanuts. penge naman dyan Mitch!


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