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Thanks Moms!

I felt so exhausted during the past 4 days. Whenever Deye gets sick, I panic. Oh well, I think every parent does. Plus the effect of working at night on a graveyard shift without proper sleep the next few hours because I had to monitor her temperature, has also added stress on my part.

But now that she is back to normal, in good condition, I have no more worries…

I personally thank Sexy Mom, Analyse and Feng for being so concerned about my daughter, Deye.

Sexy Mom > for understanding the situation. I look forward to seeing lots and lots of pix with the whole group.

Analyse > You touched my heart when you commented “hope she’s ok now. pls update us.” I really appreciate it!

Feng > for your offline messages. Glad I was able to chat with you yesterday. I’ll make it up to you next time. And hope next time Deye and Nico would finally view each other on cam. :p

God bless!

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