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I panicked when I heard on TV “43 days to go before Christmas”. Our house has no Christmas spirit at all. Not Yet. I, then checked my EON account if my last PayU2blog earnings have come through. And… yes, it was there! Went to the market and bought these things right away. Thanks PayU2Blog, you’ve been so good to me this past month.

After an hour so…. Please click to see. Btw, I spent a total of Php2,000.00 for all of these:

6ft Christmas Tree = Php1,100.00 (original selling price was Php1,500.00)
20 pcs Poinsettia = Php180.00 (Php9.00 ea.) (original selling price per piece was Php12.00)
2 sets of red rice (200) Christmas lights = Php200.00 (Php100.00 ea.) (original selling price was Php150.00 ea)
1 set of curtain white (3) Christmas lights = Php330.00 (original selling price was Php350.00)
1 pc Star = Php200.00 (original selling price was Php250.00)
Total = Php2,010.00

I asked the saleslady for Php2,000.00 and she agreed. Good bargain huh?

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