The Best Jobs Are Only A Click Away

Remembering the days when I was still looking for a job, it was horrible. Unlike nowadays, the best jobs are only a click away.

I used to work in Makati for more than a couple of years. While I was still employed, I used to sneak out during my field duties and find jobs along Mabini. You know where most of the agencies were situated? I would drop my CV off and try my luck, until such time when I finally received a call for screening. Well, yeah, that’s what the Secretary told me – for screening. I had no idea how a screening is done as I’ve only experienced the usual job interviews. I was told to come on a semi-formal attire along with full body photos. I was like huh what’s that for when I am only applying for an office job.

Anyway, I came at exactly 7am as instructed. Requirements were collected from us and told us to wait. For how long? I had no idea… Since it was my first time to apply a job abroad, it didn’t cling to my mind that there could be hundreds of applicants waiting in the queue. I didn’t expect it would take a loooooong time for my turn. Guess what time I was called in – 5pm. No lunch, just water. I only had P20 in my purse at that time, you see how broke I was before?

To cut the story short, I didn’t get that job hahaha! Darn! I really wished these online jobs had existed long before… Oh well, I was still lucky coz after a couple of months, I got the right job for me.

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  1. You lucky, lucky woman! It takes a lot of money and time for most people to find work abroad. I’m trying not to be envious. Lol.

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  2. @ Chin, Yes I know I was one of those lucky ones. Kaya nga nanghinayang din ako when I resigned. Pero no regrets, I had that post for 8 years anyway so I guess it’s time to give chance to others hehe!


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