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The Boy With A Glass

I was supposed to check on insurance quotes online but suddenly remembered the conversation I had with my daughter yesterday.

We were on our way out from school yesterday and saw this boy sleeping on the ground, and beside him was a glass with few coins in it. I told my daughter look at him, he is kawawa, he doesn’t have a bed to sleep on.

During dinner time last night, my daughter wasn’t paying attention to what I served her instead she was just playing with it with her spoon. I reminded her of the boy that we saw in the afternoon “Deye, please finish your food. You’re lucky you have food to eat unlike the boy that we saw on the bridge. He doesn’t even have a house to stay with….”

Then there’s my smart daughter with her smart answer “He has pera naman in the glass, he can buy a house and food”.

I justified, but that’s not enough! She still didn’t stop with her reasons and told me instead “Then…. then…. keep more piso in the piggysu.”

Piggysu is the piggy bank that we got for her, and she keeps piso there everyday haha!

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