The bully

Most people think that Deye bullies bunso  when in fact it is my bunso who bullies her Ate Deye more often. Everyday, bunso wakes up before us and she would poke either my eyes or her Ate’s eyes, and if it doesn’t work, she would get her empty feeding bottle and hit our face with it.

So imagine Deye’s reaction when that happens. She would frown, roll her eyes and throw tantrums. I could imagine how these two will turn our house upside down in the next few years. Deye is thoughtful but she has this attitude that  whatever is hers belongs to hers only. You know the usual scenario when the younger uses the elder’s beads jewelry without permission? I’m sure that will happen few years from now.

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  1. Don’t worry. I used to be the same way with my brother growing up. We loved each other one minute, and would be yelling and chasing each other around the house. It drove my mother insane, but it’s all about competition and normal sibling tantrums. We would blame each other for our messes, but we grew out of it. It’s frustrating, but a phase in life. Now, I just let my kids poke each other and when the poker cries, I tell them “I told you so”. Life lessons.. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂


  2. It’ll be jewelry, then clothes, then shoes-let’s just hope not boyfriends! 😉 Kids fighting and having tantrums are normal, just make sure that it’s monitored because if she’s making it a habit, she could grow up thinking that beating up on people is normal and ok in life. I’m sure she’ll grow out of it, but keeping her on watch might be necessary.


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