The cheapest way to enjoy summer

Both the girls love to swim especially bunso but there’s a problem. The hassle of food preparation, travel and expenses are the major ones. I can’t afford to take them to resorts too often. Fortunately, the inflatable pool that I bought last year is still in good condition.

Advantages of having an inflatable pool in the house:

  • You can watch the kids closely.
  • Sandwiches and finger food will do.
  • You are sure that the water is clean.
  • No entrance, corkage and parking fee.

Disadvantages of having an inflatable pool in the house:

  • Water consumption might shoot up. (Thank God there’s not much where we are staying, the only option was to have it up in my parents’ house which is next street and walking distance). My water bill is saved then! Hahaha!

How about your kids? Have you thought of an alternative to enjoy the summer?

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  1. Thea is asking me to buy an inflatable pool so that she can host a swimming party on her birthday with her BFFs. 🙂 gusto ko yung malaki para pati ako makikiligo rin hahaha


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