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The Doting Sister

It’s a househelpless weekend for us. The girls’ nanny went for a weekend break. Since she hasn’t taken her days off for over a month now, I gladly allowed her. The downside is, the house chores and looking-after-Ishi scenes make me crazy. I’m so lucky that the big sister has been very cooperative since morning. While I was preparing breakfast, I asked her to watch over her sister and she did.

You see, my eldest still has this feeling of insecurity that when my attention is on bunso, she gets jealous and never fails to ask me “Mama, don’t you love me?” Then, there goes my long explanation that I just need to be with bunso closely at times coz she still can’t take care of herself, that you being her big sister has to do the same coz next to Mama is you. Then, she nods and hugs her sister. She loves her dearly, she actually is a doting sister but I also understand where she is coming from. She was just used to being the apple of the eye in the family. She always thinks about her that when somebody gives her candies, she makes sure to keep a piece for bunso. When we go shopping without bunso with us, she would always tell me to get this and that for bunso, and that this color would suit her sister. I also love it when she calls her “Bunso, come to Ate dali!”

This afternoon, I needed to check my mail so I asked Ate Deye to feed bunso. She gladly obeyed what I said without a fuss.

Doting sister

I’m sure if my husband sees this photo, it’ll put him into tears. I then realized that raising girls isn’t that hard at all. It actually gives me the peace of mind that someday, I’m sure both my girls will take care of each other.

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