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The Effects Of Betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed by somebody whom you least expected that would do it to you? I’d been there.

Effect No. 1 – Distress. The most immediate effect of the betrayal of trust is in the emotional impact on the person betrayed. Generally speaking, the greater the trust that you had put in the other person and the greater the impact their betrayal has on you, then the greater the distress you will feel.

Not only distressed. I was devastated. Thinking again and again. And asking myself what did I do wrong?

Effect No. 2 – Loss of Trust. When you are betrayed by someone, it is highly likely that you will not easily trust them again. Trust is fragile and can be lost instantly or there is a hysterisis whereby a long-earned trust may be eroded and then suddenly lost.

Trust is earned. Once it’s lost, it takes ages to trust the same person again. And if you manage to trust the same person again, the past would still haunt you that maybe… what if… just in case…

Effect No. 3 – Justice. When a person feels that they have been betrayed, they may well seek some form of justice, putting right (at least for them) what they feel has been wronged, including their sensibilities.

So true. I looked back and weighed things. And wished at the same time “I should’ve left it unsaid. Maybe I wouldn’t be hurt that much”.

God knows how long I had recovered from that betrayal. I had forgiven the person. But the effects are still within me. Haaaaaaaaay!

Hmp! I hate this feeling. I’m being emotional again hahaha!

Quoted effects of betrayal source from here.

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  • era

    been there just last year. havent met the person again yet. but im moving on.

    It’s so hard when the person is close to your heart. We talked again after more than 5 years. Pero iba na… wala na yung closeness na tulad ng dati… Hirap na ibalik.


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