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The Fun Of Having A Daughter

I’ve always wished for a daughter. I was so happy that God granted that wish when I had Deye. I agree with others that daughters are more responsible when taking care of their parents as they grow old. Not only that… you can also dress them up like Barbie dolls heehee!

When I go out to shop for myself, I’d always end up with nothing but for Deye. Especially when I pass the trinket section, it drives me crazy. I am fond of collecting trinkets even when I was still a student, but I completely stopped when I decided to have my hair cut so short. You can see some of the things I had collected for Deye here, although some were gifts like the hair clips from Arlene.

Sometimes when I’m bored at home, I’ll take all her clothes out and dress her up till she gets irritated hahaha! Of course, that ends with every pose! Sometimes I play with the colors, like the one on the photo above. They are not the actual set. The tops goes along with a balloon skirt in the same material. While the skirt was given by her Ninang Merz. The pair of boots and the top were my tita’s gift when we went home. All sponsored hehehehe! Believe me! Until now, we are receiving gifts like when she was just born. Lucky girl!

She still has sets of clothes, all gifts – unused and kept in the closet. Same goes to her shoes. My mother brought so many pairs when she came here the second time to help me with Deye, but all big ones. Not to exaggerate, maybe they thought Deye is already in the kindergarten hahaha! I check on them once in a while though. I don’t want anything to end up wasted, unless I’ll be gifted with another girl in the future.

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