Since we moved into this house 5 years ago, the girls have been co-sleeping with me for two reasons, maybe: A. They weren’t ready yet to sleep in their room on their own. B. The space is too small for them that they feel suffocated. I am guessing it was B ‘coz the moment we have renovated and improved their bedroom, they were so ready to sleep in there with no fuss and excuses.

As you enter the room, you will see a study desk on your left. They have specially requested this area mainly for that purpose and to have a corner where they can actually do their videos. I have yet to improve the background to make it more appropriate to what they usually film. This table used to be my working table, had it repainted in white, and I matched it with a shelf which is also a repurposed cabinet from their old room.  Old cabinet photo here

By the way, I have made a new house rule that no posters, photos and the likes can be stuck on the walls to avoid paint chips. Noticed the hanging Instax photos on the curtains, that’s the best I can do for now. Plus some built-in shelves to place knick-knacks and their faves.

Detailed photos of the displayed stuff on shelves HERE. Easy to guess why those things are kept there if you know what they love and are into.

Yes, the whole room has two wall colors since each of them has a different preference. So to give in to both, that’s the best way to do it.

To let the natural lighting get inside, we have placed two glass blocks on each side of the two walls. The beds were also a recycled one from their old double-decker bed, had it repainted in white. Next project would be customized beds for them with built-in drawers underneath perhaps.

And the most important part of the bedroom – built-in closet! You know how girls accumulate stuff day-by-day, it’s just crazy! They also have a perfect space to keep their favorite pairs of shoes!

And a vanity area! Now they have enough room to keep their things in place. I have yet to buy better organizers for their stuff, slowly. We’re out of a budget now!

Here’s a more detailed video – room tour – that my girls have put together. Have fun watching! If you haven’t subscribed yet to Ishi’s channel, please do. It’ll make her happier! Thanks to my eldest who always does the video editing! Proud of you!

Mitch Carvalho

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