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The importance of Health Insurance and PhilHealth

A confinement of 2 days in a private hospital is not a joke especially when you have to go under a procedure. I was hospitalized for 2 days for having an ear infection and cerumen (earwax) extracted and my hospital bill went up to a total of Php30,345.

Hospital Services Php10,300.00
Pharmacy Charges Php7,361.10
Professional Fees (Physician) Php12,684.00

A total of Php30,345

Where Php8,509.00 was covered by PhilHealth and the rest by our Health Insurance. I paid Php430 in which Php400 was against the difference of the Room & Board and Php30 for supplies (cotton as mentioned in the billing section). How they do the computation, I do not know and am not interested to know anymore.

What’s more important is these two had helped me a lot from not spending such big amount. Even the check-up charges before I was admitted were also covered. So if you still do not have Medicare health plans for the family, grab one now before you regret from paying a huge amount just because you chose to ignore of getting one. That’s also one of my assignments. I am also thinking of getting a health insurance for my parents, a plan for seniors over 65 in prep for their growing old years. I’m just lucky that the Company where I am employed right now gives this benefit, where we share contributions for our dependents.

Should you need to know more about Health plans, head on to WebMD.

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