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The Importance Of Marriage

The importance of marriage nowadays is being overlooked. Some people get married not because they are ready for it but because they feel that they are running out of time already. When some couples do it out of responsibility just because the guy got the girl pregnant. Or some may just agree because their parents told them to do so or could be a stepping stone to land in US/Europe.

I’ve witnessed friends getting married. Some succeeded. Some did not. Some are still together when some are in not-so-good relationships.

In my opinion, being married is like being a mother/father to your child. It’s a lifetime learning process-relationship with your partner. One should not give up learning each day and accepting if you are wrong.

A dear friend of mine got married after me. She came to me saying “buti ka pa, kasal na”. Told her, “we’ve been through a lot before we even got here. It’s not just we wanted to get married and we did. You have to be sure about him especially about committing yourself to a complete stranger”. Besides it took us 5 years to decide. I thought she understood. Can’t blame her. She said she was ready and they love each other. I think they “did” love each other.

They got married after being together for more than a year I guess. It was a grand wedding. A really remarkable wedding in their place. But sad to say, they didn’t even make it to their first wedding anniversary. Just for one reason “nasakal daw ang lalaki”. The question was why give up the marriage so soon? They should’ve tried to find a solution or maybe “compromise” like me and my husband do. It doesn’t mean that once you are married you can’t continue your “personal life” anymore. We agreed that we still can as long as we know our priorities like I can still go for a night out with my friends. I will tell you but not ask for your permission. It’ll be like a sort of informing each other so if something bad happens we know where to find each other. And if we do go out with our friends alone, keep a track on your watch.

Well, that is just one thing. I am not saying our marriage is perfect nor we are perfect. Just like others, we have our flaws. We argue. We fight. But we always make up before the sun rises.

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  • ScroochChronicles

    On the day of my wedding one of my lolas handed me a note and a handkerchief. In the note she wrote what her dad told her on her wedding day. She said never go to sleep mad at each other and the next day will start beautifully. We’ve been trying to do this since and we have been successful in keeping our marriage healthy..and happy.


  • Mitchteryosa

    Tama. I think it’s one of the secrets of a happy and healthy marriage. It’s okay to argue, pero wag paabutin ng kinabukasan.


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