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The Making of our AVP – Set 1

Finally, the first shoot of our AVP (which has been a long overdue project and task of mine) was done last Thursday and Friday at Gapan, Pangasinan. Since our boss insisted on getting a rice field setting, we had to find a way and asked my officemate, Thess to arrange the location being a resident of Gapan. We had 3 of our products taken first: Collapsible Dryer Case, SuperGrainbags and GrainSafes.





Raya Photography’s team who had been patient and cool with the set-up,


And our team, who is no doubt enjoyed the trip and shoot despite the scouring heat we had experienced for two days.

GPP Team

Yours truly who shamelessly admits that it was my first time to step right in the middle of a rice field, feeling the muddy ground, sweating yet happily enjoying everything. This trip and whole scenario made me realized how lucky I am having a more convenient and comfortable life compared to what our farmers are  and have been doing everyday.


Thought you may also want to take a peek at Bill’s Cafe, the hotel where we stayed overnight. Next week, we’re off to Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan and Laguna for the set 2 of our AVP shoot.

Aaaargh! What a busy month ahead!! I still have to check on getting custom shirts and other giveaways for our 2 upcoming events.

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