It’s my first time to witness and become a part of a typical Indian (Goan) Catholic Wedding. Everything was the same (well, almost) except for the rituals/tradition that they do before and after the wedding. A night before the wedding was this coconut ritual (aside from the girls from our side talking about best weight loss pills LOL!)

According to Goan traditions, the bride and groom are required to bathe in coconut water on the night prior to the wedding. Relatives and friends join in to pour coconut water over the bride and groom, as per their custom. Afterwards, dinner is served to all. The outfits worn during the coconut water bath have to be given away and not kept in the house. After this bath, the bride and groom are not supposed to leave the house till they leave for the church.

Derrick and I did it together for his sister and I was the one to lead her to the bathroom after the coconut bathing. Sorry but I don’t have the photos with me. Promise I’ll post it here when I get ’em.

Mitch Carvalho

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