Our current nanny who has been with us for 3 years now is leaving tomorrow. Yes, the search took me a month to finally find a replacement. It was as hard as I imagined. Or should I say this was harder than the previous ‘coz we have been used to how our current nanny worked for us, so the comparison and doubts are there. Would she be liked by my children? Does she have the charms to make friends with them?

I always start my search by asking friends and officemates for recommendations, or asking for referrals from the nannies in school. I also tried going for agencies in the past but I decided to omit it from my options this time. I had experiences where they would ask me if I am living with my husband, or do I have dishwashers and washing machines which I think are not a good sign at all.

Yes, it takes a while to finally find someone you really like. Someone I can trust that when I travel out of the country or even locally, my girls will be well taken care of.

Before I left for Holland last month, I was able to contact my cousin who also works as a nanny in Laguna. She said she wants to try and work for me but asked to give her until July 15. That was exactly a week after I arrived from my business trip. I talked to our current nanny, requested her that she stay till she comes on the said date. All the while I thought we were okay. Come July 13, I tried calling my cousin but to no avail. Instead she sent me an sms saying that she’s sorry but she can’t come any more to work for us with a long list of her reasons. I didn’t mind. I can’t force someone to work for me if she unwilling but at least she should’ve told us ahead of time so we would have the chance to look for another one. Unfortunately, for some reasons I guess she didn’t do that.

The search was on a again since that day. With recommendations from the other nannies in school, I was able to talk to someone from Tarlac two days ago. Called her and she sounded like it was final. So I told her, I’m just at work right now but will call you later so we could talk. After I laid down the rules and terms, she just backed out saying she’d ask her mother first. So I guess, no this won’t work.

Luckily, another recommendation came in just right after I hung up on her. She’s from a nearby place which at first I didn’t want ‘coz I know she’d end up going home whenever she feels like, or worse, she’d sneak out if not permitted. But right now, I’m already feeling frustrated because of the time constraint. I can no longer stop our current nanny from leaving. She also has a son to look after to which was actually the reason why she’s leaving and some other complicated family problems. I even offered her to just bring her son home instead but she declined. I guess she has other valid reasons behind her resignation. I feel bad that she’s leaving, but perhaps she also has better plans for her son. Can’t blame her if she found a better offer. Any single parent would grab opportunities like that.

So today onwards, I’m really crossing my fingers, hoping, that we found the right one.




Mitch Carvalho

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