The Vinegar Magic

I didn’t know that vinegar could also be used for cleaning until one day Boy & Kris featured it on TV.

I was curious that I tried it in our bathroom right away. You know the stubborn stains from the toilet bowl and tiles, no matter how you scrub it regularly, the stains sometimes remain and you really have to put effort while scrubbing it.

I put few drops on the stained part of the tiles and after 5 minutes I came back to wipe it using a sponge. Magic! It went instantly!

Since that day, vinegar has become my companion when it comes to bathroom cleaning. There’s just one thing that I hate, the smell! :p

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  1. great tip!! masubukan ko nga. sabagay, i also use vinegar when cleaning our electric bottle sterilizer. it’s supposed to remove hard water stains on the heating element. so pwede din pala sa banyo 🙂

    Nabilib nga ako talaga dun eh, walang kahirap-hirap. Mabaho nga lang hahaha!


  2. Something tells me the bathroom of bloggers are squeaky, antisepctic clean.

    Multipurpose pala ang vinegar ano. I use it for absorbing unwanted scents (like when a room is newly painted and you want to shoo away the toxic fumes. Ty for the useful tip, Mitch.

    Ang alam ko lang dati gamit sya sa pagpapakulo sa mga damit na ukay hahaha! Hinahalo sa water di ba? Yun pala may iba pang use pwera sa pangpaksiw. :p


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