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The world’s most polluted Countries

Below are the countries that have the world’s worst air quality:

10. Kuwait : Pollution level: 123 ug/m3
9. Nigeria : Pollution level: 124 ug/m3
8. Iran : Pollution level: 124 ug/m3
7. United Arab Emirates : Pollution level: 132 ug/m3
6. Egypt : Pollution level: 138 ug/m3
5. Saudi Arabia : Pollution level: 143 ug/m3
4. Senegal : Pollution level: 145 ug/m3
3. Pakistan : Pollution level: 198 ug/m3
2. Botswana : Pollution level: 216 ug/m3
1. Mongolia : Pollution level: 279 ug/m3

According to WHO, Mongolia is said to be the world’s most polluted country and also home to one of the world’s most polluted cities, Ulaanbaatar.

Surprisingly, Manila, Philippines is not included on the list.

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