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Then… I Went To See A Dentist

Yesterday, I could not bear the pain anymore. So I decided to finally see a dentist (and have it removed if needed to). I had this fear ever since. But there’s no other way. My left cheek was already in pain.

Had my teeth checked. At first, the dentist said, as how she sees them, clinically, my molar teeth were okay. She had then suggested that I should go for an xray to see what’s the problem. I went.

Went back this morning to get the result. Then, she said there’s a cavity formed in the upper molar. I just feel the pain on the lower, but it’s actually from the upper left set of my teeth. And another cause was “sinusitis”. There was an infection due to this. That, I don’t understand how they are connected. But the funny part was, before the dentist could touch any of my teeth, I requested to do the check gently, because I’m scared to death. (I even asked her if she’s going to inject something, good thing there was none.) And guess what she answered? “I am scared too, my dear”. I am a dentist but honestly, I am scared too!”. Huwaaaaaat?!!

Anyway, she advised that I should continue on taking the antibiotics that she has prescribed. Observe and we’ll see. Right now, she won’t recommend of removing any, as it will be more painful for me. She even did the cleaning on the lower set only.

So, right now I’m still on antibiotics. Hopefully, i’ll get better soon….

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  • Arlene

    Hope that you will feel better, sis.

    takutin din ako but id better deal with the takot than with the pain. di ko kaya sakit ng ngipin kaya malapit na maubos ngipin ko. 😀

    btw, sinusitis could be possible coz upper maxilla is jst below the sinusis. they are connected bt jst can’t be easily seen coz of the layer of skin.


  • Leah


    I hope the antibiotics work. Dont let them take it off. Save your tooth as long as you can. Maybe they can do a root-canal. Although, it is quite painful, but I’m sure with enough freezing, you wont feel a thing.


  • sasha

    Naku, had a root canal almost a year ago. Super sakit! Ang masakit pa, drunk the night before the procedure. Eh di ba alcohol counters the effect of anesthesia. Imagine, to be able to undergo the procedure, they injected more than 10 anesthesia tubes sa akin. Sobra! Groge ako the next day hahahah

    I do hope the pain would go away.

    Happy Friday, Mitch! 🙂


  • GreyMom

    Huh, ano ba yan at afraid din ang dentist mo? She shouldn’t have said that. If she doesn’t feel comfortable doing anything to your teeth sana ni refer ka na lang sa iba.


  • maiylah

    hope you’re feeling much better now …

    bloghopped over from TNChick’s photo hunt. 🙂

    safe and happy weekend to you and to your family! 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Arlene : Sa xray nga nakita yun eh kaya nalaman. Kaya pala pagkita ko daming white spots. Thanks!

    @ Leah : Kaya ko gusto alisin para di na maulit ang sakit. Root canal? Naku ang sakit daw nun, baka mahimatay ako sa sakit!

    @ Sasha: Masakit nga daw yung root canal! Ayoko pa naman sa lahat eh injection!

    @ Jennyr : Thanks for droppin’ by!

    @ Greymom : I was shocked nga when she said that eh!

    @ Maiylah : Thanks for droppin’ by!


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