Are you planning to visit El Nido this summer? Well, if yes, then you are in for a great holiday and an awesome experience. After all, El Nido leaves everyone in awe because of its natural beauty and gorgeous beaches. Browse cheap flights online booking platform and confirm your booking before it is too late. Hundreds and thousands of tourists are already busy making plans and booking their holiday for El Nido this summer.

Located in the province of Palawan, El Nido ranks fourth in the world when it comes to best beach destinations across the world. It is indeed one of the best spots in the Philippines, and there are so many things to do here. Take advantage of El Nido flights booking and plans a great holiday.

Here is a short list of the most fun and exciting things to do and enjoy in El Nido.

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Scuba diving to explore the rich marine life– You will find several companies offering Scuba diving packages both for novices and the experts. The non-divers can enjoy discovery dives to get a feel of the diving and try it out first.    

Island hopping to different islands – Do not miss the island hopping in El Nido as this is the number one thing every tourist indulges in. You can sign up with tours and hop from one island to another. Those different islands are well famous for their dramatic limestone cliffs and colorful tropical fish.

Kayaking to explore the beaches– Kayaking is the best way to explore the beaches and is a famous activity in El Nido. One can enjoy the activity alone or with their friends, and family. Kayak rentals start at P150 per hour, and one can even rent out the kayak for the whole day.

Daring climb the Taraw Cliff – Well, if you are a brave soul and truly adventurous, you will not be afraid of trying out this daring activity of climbing Taraw Cliff. Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with the best views of El Nido.

Snorkeling to enjoy marine life– Snorkeling is the best way to find the beautiful sea life. It is very easy to rent out snorkeling gadgets but bring your own footwear. Be careful when you snorkel and do not step on the corals as they would get destroyed. Record your activity with an underwater camera.

Enjoy a sunset in Cadlao– While every nook and corner in El Nido is so beautiful, there are certain points from where you can enjoy a perfect sunset. Head for Cadlao to enjoy a majestic sunset. To maximize the experience, get some snacks or a bottle of beer.

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Explore the Secret Lagoon– Located on the small island, the Secret Lagoon is indeed a mesmerizing spot. Surrounded by limestone cliffs, one can see that it was once a cave which has now collapsed. Enjoy exploring the massive caldera.

The Nightlife In El Nido – El Nido is no longer a quiet place because of the steady influx of the high number of tourists. New businesses are coming up that boost the local economy. Nightlife in El Nido is a significant attraction for the locals as well as the tourist her and those nightclubs and bars are popping out everywhere.

Go for mountain biking– If you want a break from the islands and beaches, then riding a bike in the mountains a good idea. One can easily rent out a bike and bike to the Hot Springs or bike to the Calitang Beach or bike to the Hot Springs.  You can make shorter or longer trips based on your fitness level and experience.

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