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Things We (Both) Can’t Live Without

Lahat yata ng tao may fondness sa isang bagay, even the newborn babies. Here it goes…

She was crying this morning. Just bcoz of one thing, her “bo” (I simplified it from the word “baho”, kasi nga ambaho na ayaw nya bibitawan hehehe, and she got used to that name na).

>>> This foto was taken when she was just around 4 months. We noticed na kahit anong unan ang ilagay namin, yan ang pilit nyang inaabot at niyayakap.

Back to this morning’s tantrums, she was crying kasi nilabhan namin. And she saw her dada putting it in the machine. If you’ll see its state, ewww hahaha! You know the smell of the spilled dried milk, ganun maasim-asim. Hahaha! She would carry her bo around the house, as in parang celfone na di malayo-layo sa kanya kung icocompare sa mga mobile addicts. :p

Can’t blame her. Namana nya ata sa akin yan. I had this fave blanket and pillow case when I was still small. Ayoko kasi ng makinis na surface like tiled floors. So my dad bought me a blanket na pwede kong apakan everytime na nasa sala ako. If I’m not mistaken they named it “pugad” kasi daw para akong ibon na laging nasa pugad at naglilimlim hahaha! Sad to say di ito umabot ng buhay bago ko ma-reach ang adolescence stage, bumigay at nagkapunit-punit hehehe! But this pillowcase? Naku! Nadala ko pa yun sa boarding house when I went to college. At syempre nasermunan ako ng mother ko. Di na daw ako nahiya, gula-gulanit na dinala ko pa. Di kasi ako makatulog kung di yun ang punda ng extra pillow ko.

Kaya naman di ko masisi si Derelle sa “kabaliwan” nya sa pillow nya.

Oh well! Blame it on our pillows hahaha!

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. I’m 42 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.



    hee! hee! hee! hee! hee!…reminds me of my own dinky’ winky’ pillow…and the ones my kids had…and ye’..I remember for my youngest it was this milk bottle…After the bottle got all ratty I decided to replace it..then pow’….he threw a tantrum and never again drank milk from a bottle..ever again..

    yep’’re right..some things we can’t live without!



    hi, mitch!

    Naku, my yougest was like that also… may favorite pillow that he bites (ung ends)! Grabe, so stinky! One day, Ni-laundry ko then he cried.Finally, he had to give it up cause the doctors told him because of her skin asthma.

    hayy! kids!


  • Jane

    walang tatawa, cuz I had MY OWN LITTLE PILLOW also when I was small. It had to feel just right at the edges where the pillowcase was sewn. And yes, it had to have that certain smell. Pag nilabhan na, wala ng kwenta.


  • ScroochChronicles

    Hi Mitch!

    My eldest daughter, who is now 4yrs old, is like that. She has a stuffed elephant who she calls “loompy”. She can really stink him up bad. Binabantayan pa niya yan sa sampayan when he is “given a bath” by her yaya.


  • Analyse

    my daughter has her ‘tetite’ naman, it’s a bear stuff toy na kelangan kasama nya anywhere she goes. we bought 3, so we’re sure na kahit mawala yung isa, meron pa ring matitira hehe.. minsan pag galit sya, not even me could calm her down, but once you give tetite to her, ayun, alis na lahat ng galit nya sa mundo hehe..


  • Mitchteryosa

    Kagabi nga when I finally gave it back to her, yung ngiti nya as in abot hanggang tenga na kung sa matanda eh parang nanalo sa lottery! :p


  • zahflo

    That’s cute. Ako dati may kumot na parang sako, kasi lumalabas lagi paa ko pag naka-kumot. But I outgrew it na. Hehe, it’s nice to remember our childhood “things”… so far, my son’s fave doll is a small colorful hippo. Kinakagat nya! And when we wash it and hang it to dry, tinititigan lang nya, parang “Hippy, sana matuyo ka na para makagat na kita ulit!” Hehehe…


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