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This is not a meme. Or a paid post. I’m just curious… and that curiosity led me to having my blog searched in Google using:

When Silence Speaks > 3rd

Mitchteryosa > 3rd

Btw, the first two Mitchteryosas are also mine hehehe!


  • mk

    wow, congrats, hihihi know what? i do that manually for sometime now (oc, hahaha) its also a way to keep track of ur standin in search engines usin specific keywords. (and check who ur competitors r) glad to hear ur on top! did u know na pag asa top 3 ka, usin certain keywords, isa ka sa mga nagrurule? keep it up sis! m happee for u =)

    Madami pa akong bigas na kakainin sis hahaha!


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