This Is Deye Reporting….

Today, Deye got up from bed before me but I heard how she was bugging my mom (who was watering the plants at that moment). I was giggling in the bedroom but decided not to get up, yet, coz I was feeling so lazy.

After a while Deye came knocking! Mama open the door! Mama open the door!

She knows I won’t open it unless she’d say it with please, so when she finally realized maybe “Mama open the door pleaseeeeeee!” I let her in.

There she started reporting what just happened outside….

Deye : Mama, mita is ang-wy. (note that most of the first sentences that she says always starts with the word Mama in every conversation)

Me : Why?

Deye : Because…. because…. sounded like she was thinking what to tell me…. I step puppy’s kaka (poop).

Me : And then?

Deye : And then mita said go insideeee!!!!

Me : Did you say sorry to mita?

Deye : Opo. I said “Mita, sowi na ha?. I learned.”

She copied that line “Sorry na ha? I learned.” from the TV ad. Hahaha! My my my my!

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  1. Naku normal na sa kanya ang magsorry, wala pang 5 seconds inuulit. But at least she knows how to say sorry… sabay yakap!


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