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This Is Deye Reporting….

I had to run to the toilet yesterday due to some call of nature. But Deye won’t allow to me go without her. So, I took her in with me. Do I have any choice? While I was “thinking” inside, she was seriously watching what I was doing hehehe!

When we reached home, she told my husband “Mama there kaka“. Huwaaaaaaaat!???? Does she really have to say that? Nyahahahaha! My my my!

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  • janet

    Deye is very pretty. 🙂 and bright. My son is 2 years and 9 months old now, and sometimes he still goes with me sa cr. hehehe. ask din nya ako “mommy what are you doing?” hehehe. hindi pa kasi sya toilet trained kaya he still ask me what I do there… and good thing he doesn’t say it in public. otherwise, it will be so embarrassing! hahaha


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