Flying with kids over a vacation or holiday get-away seems to be stressful for many. The first scenario that plays in their mind is the crying, whining, and all the other mood-related tantrums that a kid may do during the plane trip. In this article, I will be sharing with you tips on how you could make the most out of your flying adventure without having to worry of too much stress.

Read the airline policies as regards the children passengers There may be specific sections there that might require your attention such as the child-related equipment that you might bring with you, the allowed area of seats, and all other documents. Making sure that you comply with these would, of course, save you from a lot of hassle.

Be thorough in planning Come up with a concrete plan of the things that you have to bring and tasks that you have to do. them. Many travel guides provide information on traveling with kids on certain destinations. In short, look for all the details and make sure that you read and address

Prepare some apology notes These should be brought with you anywhere! If in case that your toddler would misbehave, you could right away hand it over to those who were affected by it. This would make you a much courteous passenger.

Make sure you have enough wipes and pull-ups Though your child might be potty trained already, bringing these in case of emergency would always be helpful.

Keep them entertained May it be through games or story books, give it to your kids for it could make them occupied throughout the trip. This would lessen then their tendency of being grumpy throughout the journey.

Go for backpacks for hand-carry Aside from they are much easier to carry, this would allow you to take your child right away while if he/she starts to act rudely in front of others. You won’t have to worry about your bag since it is in your back.

Put your baby above your head Based on research and observation, carrying a toddler at your back or above your head would make them stop crying or being whiny. Though not fully proven, you might want to try this out in case of misbehavior.

Prepare a small bag to carry inside the plane for each child Make them bring their stuff plus toys that they would like to bring with them. They would then become more responsible for looking after themselves.

Be sure about the children price There are airlines that charge differently for children. So, better be sure about that. Who knows? You might be able to save some.

Have an early check-in This could spare you from a lot of hassle, cue lines, and stress. Imagine running after your child at the airport and at the same time worrying that you might miss your flight? That’s a big no for your trip.

Make them know the airport police Make your toddler knows that the airport police are looking after misbehaving kids. This would make him/her more discreet in his/her actions.

Boots pre-order milk You might not be allowed to bring all the milk that you need with you on the plane upon boarding. That’s why making sure that you order milk ahead of time inside the boarding gate through Boots would be extremely helpful in keeping your child full.

Choose the flight time wisely I would suggest that you choose the sleeping time of your toddler in deciding for flight time. So, that throughout the flight, he/she might be knocked down and sleeping. Though this might fail at times if your kid is unable to sleep due to the excitement.

Make it a habit to bring them to the toilet This would save you from a lot of trouble for your kids will be given a chance to unload both the urine and the poops. Asking them to hold it for time since there is no toilet available is not a good idea.

Make him/her comfortable with the concept of pilot Tell him/her stories of great and friendly pilots for this would make him/her feel a lot more comfortable.

Prepare snacks If he/she ever gets hungry while on board, let him/her eat something out of the snacks that you prepared. Children are grumpy when they are hungry.

Bring additional gadget for entertainment May it be a player or an iPad, allow him/her to use it so that he/she would not be bored. Prepare the earphones or headset too!

Make them feel comfortable Prepare the pillows and small blanket if needed. In short, make them think that they are still at home. Who knows? This might even make him/her feel sleepy.

Get some Calpol In case that he/she will feel ill during the trip, a prepared Calpol will undoubtedly be the best friend of yours.

Be watchful of an upset stomach Better bring medicine relative to stomach ailment as well. This would save you from frequent moving back and forth of your toddler to the comfort room.

Bring something to cuddle May it be his/her favorite bear or just a small sweatshirt, allow him/her to bring it along. This would be very useful when he starts to feel bored and even sleepy.

Some stop-overs would help Some stretches and walking would help to break their boredom. If in case that he/she is grumpy about taking off and landing, then opt for the lesser stop-overs.

Keep them busy Bring crayons, and some coloring books for these can divert the attention of your toddler to doing something productive than doing nothing at all. Being idle for toddlers bring a lot of possible misbehaviors.

Spark some magic Lay, your child, imagine that you are flying! This is every toddlers’ dream. So, make him/her enjoy the moment of being there and looking at those beautiful clouds.

Look after yourself Looking after yourself means you also have to stay comfortable. Make sure to pack well your personal needs. If you’re good and fine at the moment, you will most likely handle the situation with your child better.

Mitch Carvalho

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