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Tired Bathroom? Check Out These Ideas To Liven It Up!

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. There’s a good reason for this – you don’t spend your time there! It’s for hygiene and relaxing in the tub when you get a spare hour to indulge. It’s for this reason that the bathroom is often overlooked and the last one to see any kind of upgrade. We upgrade our kitchen, living room and bedrooms as those are the places we spend time being social in or relaxing, and this means the bathroom is the last one to be considered.

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When you want to jazz up a tired space, you could usually start from scratch. Pulling out old rubbish tubs and tiles and getting them to recycling is important to get you started. Next, check out sites like www.dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au to get help clearing away all the old and tatty waste. Your bathroom that has become tired and old can be carted off to the rubbish dump with a little help. You now have a blank canvas to start with, so check out our bathroom ideas to help you liven up the little room that is often ignored.

New Suite. Your bathroom may have had the same suite for decades, so a new, more modern suite like these ones are a great place to start. Get a suite that suits you. If you love a hot power shower, then converting your room into a wet room is a good idea.

New Accessories. One of the most fun aspects of decorating is the accessories! Waterfall shower heads like this one can make you feel like you’re in luxury! Adding some splashes of colour with your accessories can also make a wonderful difference to a previously drab room with no personality.

Mirrors. Bathrooms are small rooms, so adding lots of mirrors can make it look bigger and reflect the light around the room. You could choose to tile the room in mirror tiles, or just have a wall with mirrors covering the whole thing.

Heating. Bathrooms often don’t have the space for a standard radiator, but a vertical heated towel rail can have just the same heating effect, while looking more modern. Wet towels never need to be left on the bathroom floor if you have a heated towel rail waiting to make them toasty warm again for you.

Shower Storage. The storage you need for your immediate uses like shower gels and shampoo can come in many forms, from baskets with suction cups to bathroom hammocks on the wall opposite your shower. Match this to the accessories you’ve used elsewhere if you can to give your new bathroom a symmetrical look.

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Lighting. Your bathroom lighting should be soft and not too harsh on the skin. You don’t have to stick to the standard fluorescent strip lights if you don’t want to, instead using light fixtures like these ones so that you can have something a little bit different!

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a boring room nor does it have to look outdated anymore. It’s time to get creative.


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    Hello Mitch, I liked your post. This is a very good idea to decorate the bathroom. Your decoration of bathroom is very organised and beautiful. I just loved your decoration. It is really appreciable blog. Thanks and keep sharing.


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