T’is the season…

for bingo!!! Bingo played a big part during my childhood years. I remember learning the numbers while I was seated beside my mom playing bingo with our relatives. Let me make it clear, they play bingo not to gamble but to pass their time. They would join two long tables or squat on the floor inside the house during the rainy season.

I still vividly remember when Mt. Pinatubo erupted, it also happened on a rainy season and we were stuck inside the house, bored and clueless what’s going to happen next. So to unload our worries and lessen the boredom, we took the bingo set out and entertained ourselves. Imagine, there was no electricity for over a month, meaning no TV, not even a radio. We had a battery operated radio transistor but we’d rather use the batteries for our flashlights in case of emergency.

Anyway, back to bingo, I make sure that we always have this set in our household, it does help a lot passing our time. There was one time when hubby was here last year, it was in June and a rainy season, power went off, so what did I do? Taught him to play bingo, the Filipino way haha! Guess what? He won around a hundred bucks.

Now, if you’d ask me what made us busy during the past week aside from cleaning up the mess that these last two typhoons had left us, well, nothing else but played b-i-n-g-o!!!

How ’bout you? What fun activities you do indoors or outdoors to make your rainy day fun? Join Earth’s contest here and win:

  • Passes for 3 to Island Cove
  • An Island Cove Island Spa treatment for 1
  • P250 worth of Gift Certificate from TGI Fridays
  • 1 Gimmick Pass to Padis Point and a Facial Treatment for 1 at Fucoidan

Details here.

Now, let me log out and play bingo with my cousins. Oooppps not yet! I still need to check on health insurance lead online.

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  1. Naku miss ko narin magbingo matagal na akong di nakakapagbingo eh. You made me go back to memory lane altho di ako taga Gapo umabot dito sa Manila ung ashfall na yan. grabe talaga. Love your post and thanks for joining. 🙂 You have 16 points!

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