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To Cane Or Not To Cane?

Teacher Julie tagged me to answer this question “To Cane or Not To Cane?

You see, my daughter is just 2 years old and I think it’s too early for this kind of punishment discipline. I’d rather talk to her or give her a little spanking on her butt using my hand (at least she won’t feel it much because she still wears a diaper LOL!).ย  Most of the time I do it on her hands especially when she throws food or things that are not supposed to be thrown.

Time out works for us. Now, thats she’s another year older, she understands better why I have to do it. She knows when my voice is changed. She knows when I’m mad! She would immediately asked “Mama are you angy?” When I say “yes”, she would say “soyi”, but if she doesn’t, she knows what’s gonna happen. I only have to tell her “Go to the corner now!” in a sterned voice and she knows what to do. She has to stay in the corner for at least 2 minutes, the maximum. I admit, there are times that she rules over me, she knows how to make me smile when I’m really really mad. One sweet smile from her, enough for me to forget what she has done. After the time out thing, I explain her clearly like I am talking to a grown up why I had to do that.

I’m not saying I’m sparing the rod like I won’t ever do it. I’m only human who sometimes gets really really tired and irritated. But for now, yes ‘coz she’s too young for that. And if ever I’d do that, I think I already know the limits.

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