Today Marks Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

1_805886589lI thought for a while, “where do I blog this?” Here or here? Since I got more readers here, I think, I chose the latter one. I want the world (as if the whole world reads my blog LOL!) to know that today marks our 5th wedding anniversary.

5 years had already passed, hmmmm…. make that 10 years coz I’ve already been with him for almost 10 years (next month to be exact) yet some people still ask me “Why did you marry an Indian?Note the sarcastic tone in that question. 5 years ago, I would answer with the same sarcastic tone they used, with an eyebrow raised Why do you ask? Do you even care or just curious about my lovelife?Or simply because you are a racist who has got nothing to do with your life?

Why did you marry Derrick? Why did you marry your husband? Why did you marry him? I’d rather hear those questions than hearing “Why did you marry an Indian?“. Frankly speaking, I get affected when people ask me that way. But not anymore. I know my man. I know why I married him. He’s ideal. He’s right for me. He takes care of me and my family. He loves me. He’s a responsible father. He works miles away to sustain our needs. He’s the sweetest husband. He understands my moods. He handles the mess I make after I puked from drinking so much (remember the Bacardi 151 moments Mahal? LOL!) Need I say more? I could care less what other people might say and would have to say. I married an Indian because the traits I dreamed about of a man is in him. So what if he’s an Indian? Does it make a difference if I married a different national?

So why did I marry my husband, Derrick? Simply because I’m in love with him. Period. And  another period.

Happy 5th wedding anniversary, Mahal! Your priceless gift will be delivered on Valentine’s Day haha! Love you more…. Mwah mwah mwah!

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  1. Happy anniversary !!

    Oo ate ako din ganyan din ang ang unang tanong sa akin bakit Indian ang inasawa ko? Marami namang daw puti. Sagot ko na lang…sa kanya kasi ako nainlove eh!


  2. Back to 2005 bumisita kami ni asawa ko sa cavite sa tita ko, di man lang hinarap ng asawa ni tita ko si hubby ko, first visit pa naman nya sa pinas. Pero nung dumating yung pamangkin nila na ang asawa is danish. Akala mo hari ang dumating, kontodo asikaso puti kasi eh. Nakakahurt pero dedma.

    Kahit d2 i have a friend sabi nya todo bantay sya sa asawa nyang swedish pag nasa pinas sila, kasi baka holdapin di bale na lang daw yung asawa ko di, mahahalatang foriegner kasi maitim daw kasi nga bombay. So ang sabi ko, yun nga ang mahirap ate eh bombay! means five six mapera yan ang dapat na guwardyahan.


  3. Dito naman sa amin sa relatives eh okay, pero ang mga ibang tao akala mo sino. Para ngang big deal sa kanila. Eh maano kung bumbay, at least may hanapbuhay at di umaasa sa iba. Bleh!

    Naku sis sanayan na lang at galingan sumagot sa kanila haha!


  4. Happy Anniversary! I will remember this occasion because Nov 4 is also hubby’s b-day.

    Many more years of loving and living and caring!

    Ebie’s last blog post..Ikebana and Mums Show


  5. You can’t help whom you fall in love with; it’s a matter of the heart, not a matter of the skin, race and culture. God doesn’t hold the color of ones skin, race or culture against that person or that marriage, so why do people hold this against a marriage?

    Love comes in many shades of color, you can mix the shades if you so desire to, God gave us the great gift to make our own choices in our lives, and he also allows us to marry whom ever we choose.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

    Life is Beautiful, love comes in many shades of color.

    The Pope’s last blog post..Twelve Drummers Drumming


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